Colección de cuadros luminosos – Light boxes- tableaux lumineux-2021

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merci JR Lopez
merci JR Lopez

Our combined effort has created  beautiful pieces of artwork displayed within a solid beech wood frame which by the flick of a switch can be illuminated with a soft warm light giving an enchanted and different perspective to the piece of work.

These beautiful « objet-d’art » appear as a painting when switched off, transforming into a totally different dimension when switched on thereby transporting you to a poetical and dreamlike universe of our luminous creations.

Our engravings and collages are printed onto high quality using ‘light proof’ mineral inks and then inserted within two glass panels. These are then hand mounted into a solid beech wood frame the natural tint of which gives elegance and sobriety to the piece which can then be displayed to perfection by wall mounting or, given its stability, simply stand on the top of a piece of furniture.

The collection has been adapted to all needs by offering various sizes and styles which have been priced accordingly whilst maintaining its quality and delightful appeal.

The artist can design a series of lights according to your tastes and needs. For example she can create models representing your hotels; custom-made works to suit and light up every room, depicting the history or style of your property. Different and customised formats are available, for example to place in an alcove. Please contact me for an estimate.