Charlotte also makes LED lamps from her engravings to the size you desire

“I wanted to present my prints in a different way, by making this collection of light boxes that I am proud to present to you today.  I wanted to change the place of a work of art in your home.  No more is it attached to the wall, but instead, like the presence of a candle that you light at nightfall, an artwork that lights up every evening and makes its place in your home. Treat yourself, let yourself be LED, or someone you love, to a beautiful light box, an artist’s original vision to enlighten you and warm up your home.”

– A classic collection inspired by Mallorcan drawings.  The artist can design a series of lights according to your tastes and needs.  For example she can create models representing your hotels or cruise ships; custom-made works to suit and light up every room, depicting the history or style of your property.

– A more surreal and colourful collection based on collages

– A collection inspired by Charlotte’s anatomical prints.

Different and customised formats are available, for example to place in an alcove. The boxes are nice quality natural wood frames of 7 cm deep.  This allows you to put it on a table or a shelf. It is, of course, possible to hang it on the wall if you prefer.

Note that the piece is just as beautiful even when the box is not lit.

Each box is sold with its own transformer to connect to the mains, the light boxes do not heat up and do not consume a lot of electricity.

Shipping costs are according to the size and weight of the light box, and according to the transporter rates and destination.

Please contact me for an estimate.